Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nature Telepathy (Dream), September 7, 2011

I wake up on a wet slab of granite from something scurrying over me. Yet another mouse is acting crazy. It seems that more and more the animals in this dungeon are losing their fear of humans. They've been running over me and nibbling my skin for a few days by now. And here's another one! And another! This is starting to hurt. One bite I can deal with, but what we have here is nearly a dozen mice, all trying to sink their teeth into me.
I scream out and flail, shaking the creatures off.

"What now?" - mutters a tall gray figure in the corner. My guard usually has very little to say, so I jump on this opportunity. "The mice are acting really weird," I explain, "It's almost as if they set out to, ow!, set out to drive us out of here or something... This is not normal." The guard would normally care less for my comforts, but by now the mice are starting to get to him as well, so he returns my worried look of concern back to me.

They seem to be swarming out of nowhere, and it's no longer just mice. Cockroaches, centipedes, spiders, small birds, even something that looked like a small fox - all descend on us from the shadows, to scratch, bite, run over, trample.

I think hard as I shake and shudder my way around the room. What could this mean? Where are these animals coming from? Why have they lost their fear? What is bothering them? And then I saw it... the way they were looking at me... it was Life itself driving us out, a consciousness larger than the sum of its parts, a little window to which I could see in each of their eyes. It was no longer detached and separate, I could feel this message as direct as the sun would look to your unobstructed stare, "You both must leave here now!"

My captor seemed to get the message loud and clear, without saying another word, he vanished behind the door, locking it behind. I had no way to exit.

I surrendered myself to the message that was being drilled into me by the animal wave, willing me to leave or be destroyed. "I was here first," it said, "you are not welcomed here. You are a virus. Dissolve." I understood the Spirit's thoughts and replied, somehow retaining my tranquility and surrender while being erased from this world, "I wish to leave, I am a captor here, I mean you no harm, I mean you no harm..."

Everyone stopped and looked into my eyes all at once, inquisitively. A second passed, the connection grew stronger until, nearly trembling with fullness, I could feel the Spirit-Voice inside my brain, searching, probing, filling. It was as if every thought I had was a cavity, now filled with series of pure tones, resonating and transmitting the imprints of my thought shapes back to the source.
Then, within moments, one by one, all animals scurried away, dissolving into shadows of the dungeon, exposing my bloodied up body. All but one.

In front of me was a coyote-sized dog, still peering into my eyes. "I am here," he thought and I understood him immediately.
"We must leave," the dog re-iterated as we both bubbled up and momentarily warped into nothing.

...I woke up from warm rain washing over me. Vast fields were as far as the eye could see. Thunderclouds and sky. Wet grass, feeling oddly soothing to my damaged skin. The healing has begun. I was free... Truly free.

The dog was still near me, peering inside my thoughts in a gently mischievous kind of way. "When you rest up, we will have some good adventures together," he thought to me, as I shed a tear of relief, lying underneath the vast warm cleansing sky. I was free.