Friday, October 3, 2014

Body full of bleeding holes (blend)

Last night was rough. After a very nice week together, amazingly cute dinners and patient walks through nearby parks, I nearly shattered my schizophrenic mom's reality but explaining to her that she felt better for a while after being admitted to a hospital and being given medication. She saw that, for a split moment, then recoiled very rapidly and became enraged. I betrayed her. How could I not see that the world is full of spies, mafiosi and invisible electronic gadgets that cause tremendous pain in her body? She started screaming at me and pacing around the flat, undoubtedly waking up all of our neighbors. That night I dreamed that my body was full of holes. Hundreds of tiny holes, spouting blood in steady streams. It would have been the death of me very quickly, if not for my friends. Out of the dark shadows of the dream, hands of my friends appeared, hundreds of them, and, one by one, plugged up my bleeding holes. And there I was. Standing up, propped up and plugged up by my friend's fingers, still alive and very grateful.